Hi there!

Thanks for checking in.abbie

My first story is about Abbie, and is not a legacy story. I wanted to do something different.

When I started playing the game again, after a long break, I didn’t think it will become an actual story. I mostly let her wander around freely, allowing her to do whatever she wanted. I even let her pick her dates most of the time! I thought it would be interesting to let her write her own blog…

You can start reading Abbie’s post here.

My second story, Regrets, is about two detectives from the fictional town of Montclair. Detective Kate Robbins, and her partner, Detective Ben Petersen are called to the nearby small town to help local police wrap up a new case. In spite her young age Kate shows potential for a great career under the wings of her mentor, Ben.kate+ben

I’m an avid fan of crime fiction and true crime, but alas I’m not an actual writer. I can be blunt and admit, I have no idea what I’m doing, so please don’t take this story too seriously! Kate and Ben are trying their best!

In Mistakes, my third story, Kate and Ben continue piecing together grim puzzles and tracking down potential murderers in sleepy Pine Creek. The story is not related to Regrets, so you don’t need to read that one to understand what’s happening. (But it’s recommended, because Kate is awesome!)


I’ve never written stories before, so this is a new experience for me. So far I’m enjoying it almost as much as I enjoy playing.

A special Christmas post can be found here.


I hope you’ll like it here.

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    • Niura says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment!
      I’m glad I managed to get the story come through the way I wanted it (funny, not too serious).

      I’m doing relatively regular updates, so the next post is coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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